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Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

Selling (with) Race Agenda: - Ads AS Communication (Ads play a huge role in communication culture) - “race” in relation to advertising - the MELTING POT thesis - Watts & Orbe’s “Whassup” Why are ADS SO IMPORTANT? - financial ECONOMY - symbolic economy and reason – Powerful companies control the symbolic economy, meaning they can also shape opinions and create stereotypes - Advertising teaches us that happiness can be bought, *The average American pays attention to about 1500 ads a day *advertising as a tool of socialization *advertising increasingly became apart of everyone’s social-visual experience * advertising has helped in a sense create extra leisure time *the function of advertising became the PRODUCTION *advertising is designed to create an INNER conflict with the SELF YouTube Video – The Ad & The Ego The Symbolic Economy - there is a competition to control the visual environment - However there is NO competition for OUR attention “Race” in the SYMBOLIC ECONOMY - the essential logic behind CAPITALISM is that is promotes an opening of the economy of signs, but it is still immerses in a social context of CLASSISM and RACISM - the ONE who controls the means of production heavily regulates the exchange of and between signs within a SYMBOLIC eonomy that’s pushed and rigged in their favor – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN though? Diversity of POPULATION = new strategies for ADVERTISERS - largest growth rates in the US continent - minorities represent that MAJORITY of the population base in places like MIAMI & L.A -
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