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Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

Beer – A Case Study // Know this for midterm - Tecate & Budweiser “Finally a cold latina” – making reference to all beer are like women (objectification) **The Budweiser Campaign* Thesis: racism now operates in subtle ways (According to Watts & Orbe) - Advertising and “Mass culture” perpetuate that there is pleasure to be found in racism ex: “Whassup” - traditional white supremacy is OUT - the real fun in mainstream popular culture is found with contact The Budweiser Campaign : - being authentic isn’t represented nor the concern of the ad - making fun of African Americans is more acknowledged and made MAINSTREAM (Hooks, 343) - the true and actual nature of a group and this instance, African Americans are unimportant to advertisers - the repetition and reproducibility of certain sayings like “WASSSUP” is the goal Sept 24 Agenda Sex vs Gthder Earlt 20 Century Ads Ritualized Roles Killing us Softly Marlboro Man *Sex VS Gender Sex: Anatomy which is biologically determined Gender: socially & culturally determined. We adopts being masculine or feminine based on social cues and norms We are taught to be a gender that corresponds with our bodies. Ads - Have no interest in being ACCURATE but more in being appealing and provocative - Based on ideal forms - Depi
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