Lecture 2

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Communication, Culture and Technology
Mike Jones

CLASS TWO FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY Data Information Knowledge Wisdom yData raw bits eg 0s and 1s many computer controls o Data is meaningless without information data organized into chunks that have semantic valuey Informationo Information makes sense of datay Knowledgeapplication of information to tasks and goals of value and importance o interpretation of informationo applying information to goals and tasks Ethical and political judgements regarding tasks of importance y Wisdomo mixed with data and informationo Not a replacement of knowledge Input Process Output IPO Model y Data is providedcomputer transforms ittransformed data is returned y Outputted data usually then become inputs for other processes feedback loops y arbage in garbage out GIGObadly formatted inputs break processes wrong inputs generate incorrect results y Whats garbage Depends on the problem y Inputtransformation processoutputoutcomey input must also be in the right format to prevent GIGO y Clear concise data to get the right answery Problemsincorrect format of datay F
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