Lecture 7

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Communication, Culture and Technology
Mike Jones

CLASS 7 BUSINESS MODEL GENERATIONBusiness and Designy Martins notion of design thinkingdesign as the new value add y Pinkin an age of abundance automation and Asia alliteration designing for want not need is key y Floridacreative class careers essential for a vibrant economy creative class as global interconnected mobile diverse eg Floridas gay hypothesisBusiness Model Generationy Some core notions of business concepts are still important y Nine core components noted in book y All impacted by changes in technologychanges in one iterate among othersmodel as systemic vs isolated units 1 Key Partnerships yWho are are partnerssuppliersHow does their model mesh with us y Strategic alliances cooptition joint ventures established relationships and exclusivity y Concerns about scale and risk2 Key Activitiesy What actions realize value propositions y Production problem solving
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