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CCT356 Lecture 1 10-Jan-13 What is Advertising?  There is a promotional aspect to it What is Marketing? Traditional media decline = divergence of resources  Newspapers – people used to pay for their paper; now that it has been offered for free (news sites), no one wants to pay for the content again Online ads now exceed print worldwide  About 70% drop in newspaper advertising Shifting audience – and implications for media players Course Textbook   Free text from Quirk, a S.A. marketing company – robust but some examples will be culturally specific Guests  Pam on marketing strategy – necessary for final paper  Vic Cauchi for social media marketing  Keith MacDonald for Web analytics  Social media marketing – a few options there  All guests bring in their perspectives and may assign their own readings for reflection  Do attend – pops up on the exam Assignments  Personal Branding (10%) o You as a brand – what does this mean  “This is the reason why this is a good thing”  Who you are and who you are authentically  o Build a portfolio representing you in the best possible light for what you plan to do o What does that mean? Up to you – content and design should faithfully represent you and your future o Vengeo as potential platform – not required but it’s a good tool for portfolio development (Vic will tell you why!)  Online Advertising Critique (15%) o Pick two instances of an online advertisement effort o *Must* be targeted to online audience/environment– e.g., a 30-second Superbowl ad posted on YouTube isn’t an online advertisement – know the history of your ad! o About 400-500 words on each o Integrated visuals/media work well as can background history/sources
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