CCT356H5 Lecture 5: CCT356-online advertising 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Mike Jones

Online Marketing Notes -Ebay Conversion funnel - Awareness/Education (wide = #of interactions) -> triggered by a life/media stimulus drive that traffic to your campaign (site) Engagement/Consideration -> refine search, seeking more specific information Conversion/Decision (make a sale) - can be a saving message -> seek for specific brands, products for reviews, value or savings = financial value Measurement - the reason why digital market continues to grow -business point of view this is a major driver of internet traffic = SEARCH Google- bidding + quality -e-commerce retail focusing on the health care industry combines the physical and online world in relation to conversion funnel- it can be awareness, engagement, or conversion Traffic sources for awareness -google analytics (focus in it for online advertising as it is more data driven than traditional marketing allowing us to run analytics in real time, allows marketers to view the decision and make decision on those findings) Channels (where traffic is coming from) -paid search -referral -direct -organic -other -social -display The findings allow you to know where to allocate funds + create new strategies of where to market -leverage various channels to meet different business objectives -apply an integrated marketing approach across al channels to max impact Side Note- you buy keywords, hence, there is an import
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