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Michael Jones

04 E-Mail Marketing Considering a Personal Brand  Clear  Consistent  Professional (?)  Engaging (even awesome?)  Inviting engagement and discussion  Examples? Email Marketing  Still a key component of CRM  Very cost effective  Can be targeted and measurable  Inbox is still a common access point to Internet  Adaptable to mobile access Again, some history  Email still relatively new for mass market (again, less than 20 years)  Interaction patterns change, as well as etiquette around unsolicited email  Allows for direct marketing at a far cheaper cost  Also more viral – no one passes around pamphlets, but might forward/post email  Changes in demographic use to consider – email is an old person’s tool now Types of Customer Outreach  Transaction emails – e.g., requesting quote, confirming purchase  Newsletters – e.g., regular updates on corporate activities, or push reminders to posts on blogs (e.g., SheridanInsider)  Promotional emails – new sales/services, for immediate action  Retention – building long term relations/loyalty E-Mail Marketing KPIs  What do you want users to do? Open email? Click links? Refer friends to grow customer database? Buy things? See if they’re still alive? (30% email churn a year a good estimate.)  How will you measure if this is successful? Some measures easier to trace than others  Conversion and bounce/unsubscribe rates Email Service Providers  Manual email sending obviously not very efficient – doesn’t handle customer DBs well, often done poorly (e.g., 300+ cc’s, which is a privacy and info overload problem.)  ESPs registered with certification authorities avoid automatic identification of email as spam – filtering often based on ISP reputation  Do not run email campaign through free ISP account  Avoid using corporate domain too – if tagged as spam, can cripple other corporate communications  Look at MailChimp later. Establishing a Database  Genuine, opt-in databases best  Email most important variable to collect but other factors can be important for targeted marketing: e.g., name, nature of relationship, demographics, frequency of communication requested  Take care to limit info request – too much info to signup = less signups  What kind of targeting information would you include? Best Practices for Signups  Make sign-up location obvious  Make privacy/anti-spam policy clear  Make call for action and presumed benefit clear  Estimate frequency of communication – and let them know  Follow what you promise to do  Ideally link submissions directly to database (reduces manual entry/error) – an iPad/laptop on site would be better than a paper form. Text vs. HTML?  HTML – allows for richer content/branding  Text – quicker download, more compatible with mobile devices  Allowing both options (and changing options) best practice E-Mail Segments  Preheaders – can be useful instructions (e.g., click here for mobile v
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