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Communication, Culture and Technology
Michael Jones

11 Introductions to Digital Analytics Data & Insight  Lessons  Client deliverable is always an answer to “what did I get for my money?” Always.  Understand how you define „success‟. This will guide you to knowing if your marketing worked (optimized).  Deliverable = what do I get with my money?  Keep an eye open for the question  the return, how do you define success  Why does your website exist? What are you trying to do? A Brief History  What‟s this analytics you speak of? o Digital Analytics  “The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.”  “Study of online experience, in order to improve it”  Methodology o User‟s computer  Webpage begins loading in the browser  JavaScript code collects data about the page and combines it into a URL for a GIF image  Browser requests GIF image from the Server o Data collection Server  Data collection server receives the GIF image request  Server separates the URL back out to individual data points  Server stores data in the database  Server sends a 1x1 pixel transparent GIF image to the browser o User‟s computer  Browser receives the GIF image and continues loading (rendering) the page Definitions  What‟s this optimization you speak of? o The process of measuring user behavior, identifying opportunities, making changes (to websites, input forms, conversion processes, marketing campaigns, creative or copy, etc.) in order to cause positive change in user response or behavior, and measuring the outcome  Measure or Metric A count of people, browsers or mobile devices; or count of an action taken by a person o A metric may be calculated from two or more measures  Dimension o A general source of data that can be used to define various types of segments or counts and represents a property of visitor behavior or site dynamics  Segmentation o The process of identifying and reporting on a subset of data based on certain selection criteria  Session o Defined by opening an app or web browser, ending when the user closes the app or browser or after a period of inactivity; a user may count multiple visits within a single session  Conversion o When a user takes an action the business find valuable; may be narrowly defined (clicking a link) or broadly defined (time threshold)  The big Three o Page view  A count of the number of times a page is loaded or viewed by the user. A page view may also apply to a specific unit of content  i.e. When a majority of page content changes without changing URL o Visit  A count of the number of times a user viewed your content, regardless of the amount of content that was viewed at a time. A visit begins when the user first accesses the content (usually opening the app or navigating to the site in a web browser) and ends when the user closes the app or browser, navigates to another web site or has been inactive for at least 30 minutes o Unique visitor  A count of the number of unique people („sets of eyes‟) that viewed your content, unique visitor is a rough measure of the size of your audience. Unique visitors may be counted over a time period: daily, monthly, yearly, etc., or may be „absolute‟ over a
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