10 Video ads, mobile marketing and future directions

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Communication, Culture and Technology
Michael Jones

10 Video ads, mobile marketing and future directions Google/YouTube History  YouTube – very recent history (2005) to acquisition in late 2006  Why did Google buy YouTube for $1.65B?  Now: http://www.onehourpersecond.com/  Obvious point of integration for advertising content, but some unique challenges (examples?) SEO and Video  Keywords = great for text, less obviously relevant for images/video  What is searched in Google Images? Video? Meta Information in YouTube  Titles  Descriptions  Tags  Channel integration  Ratings/Flagging  Comments  Views  Shares/Embeds  Age of video Optimization for VSEO  Descriptive Titles  Long descriptions  Effective keywords (order matters)  Encourage sharing, embeds, ratings, comments (usually – where might you not want to do this?)  Make thumbnail descriptive and engaging  Annotations to link to other video properties  Building channel content Analytics  YouTube – simplified Google analytics on all YouTube uploads  Shows views, locations, general demographics, pathways to video, etc.  More on analytics later… Old Spice Guy  Built on success of Super Bowl spot  Summer 2010 – nearly 200 video responses  Built recognition of initial video  Built follower list on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter  Made old brand attractive to new generation – significant sales jump  Made Isaiah Mustafa a star in own right Private Hosting or Serive?  Hosted on own site – complete control over look/feel, advertising, links to related content  Service (e.g., YouTube/Vimeo/etc.) – quick access to large network of viewers, more exposure, easy analytics integration – but can be prone to embedded ads, interstitial/preview ads, etc. Interactive Video  Leveraging interactive components of Internet  Allowing for “transmedia” telling of/interaction with storyline  Examples?  Effectiveness?  It‟s a big ask Interstitial Pre-Videos  Increasingly YouTube/Vimeo/others embed interstitial videos before viewer can see material  Sometimes don‟t allow you to skip  Really annoying – little to no variety in interstitials - can influence branding on both advertiser and hosted video – examples?  Q Score and the optimal number of exposure – overexposure builds *negative* brand impression? Blurring TV/Online Video Boundaries  Many pieces are repurposed TV pieces (or just TV commercials) – not really “online advertising”, just getting more mileage of something intended for TV  Some pieces arguably more “online” though – e.g., Apple 1984 ad  Some are extended pieces – a bit of backstory, director‟s cuts, etc.  Superbowl/Oscar ads are aiming as much for chatter than exposure – and that‟s mostly online now  Still a qualitative difference though – we‟re accustomed to TV quality in video, and we‟re more lax on online video Contextual Marketing  http://vimeo.com/25641655  Location-based marketing – Bing tied into Jay-Z book, promoted
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