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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Michael Jones

08 Social Media Marketing The Social Media Turn What does it mean for a company to be social?  Individuals are social, organizations not as much – makes for a potentially complicated relationship  Organizations with tight messaging control fail on social media – why?  Increasingly, organizations that don’t join the conversation are at the mercy of it  Successful techniques in enjoining the conversation? Various roles in Social Media Strategy Tips  Establish (and follow!) fair community guidelines  Engage and schedule regular communication across channels at an appropriate level (e.g., what’s the right level of communication around Twitter? Facebook? Blogs?)  Crosslink – don’t just post to one medium, ensure and build links to others  Conflict resolution tips Business Awesome/Unawesome  Stratten’s approach – be awesome (and encourage even those on the lower end of the totem pole to be so – point of contact ispeople make the difference.)  Failures/successes in social media marketing? Four General Forms  Bookmarking/Aggregating  Content Creation/Sharing  Social networking  Mobile/location-based Bookmarking & Aggregation  Creating links, collections and connections with ease  Embedded buttons (like/share/reddit/RSS/etc.) increasingly default in most CMSs, allowing for easy sharing by readers Reddit  User-submitted content with up/down voting by user population  Quick scan of what’s trending/hot on Internet  Reddit gaining in popularity at present – partially due to nature of historical audience  Marketing implications? StumbleUpon  A mix of aggregation and social sharing  “Stumble” button scrolls through categories of sites based on user preferences and like/dislike ratings of stumblers  Can be good for reaching out to like-minded readers who might not otherwise find you  Marketing implications? Content Sharing  Free publication platform for
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