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Michael Jones

09 Social Medial Marketing: An Example from Sony Canada One Page write-up  What am I trying to do here? There is a rationale, design thinking  What are you convincing the person  Which particular audience is you trying to capture? Notes on Advertising/Marketing Strategy  Many possible audiences – (not ‘everyone’)  May require multiple channels to meet niche audiences – examples?  Content is key – avoid black hat SEO, encourage value-added interaction  Understanding history, possibility and limitations of your client essential – what’s good (and possible) for Sony Canada may not be good for you Good content is…  Appropriate (however defined, and ideally defined by user/reader, but with business value)  Consistent  Clear/concise  Alive  Channel friendly The Sweet Spot  Physical, Emotional, Cognitive  Doing – environmental factors, physical activity, habits, disabilities, preferences, sensory stimuli  Feeling – psychological state, stress level, desires, wants, needs  Learning – cognitive assumptions, learning ability, education Social Media as Conversation  Presence, Relationships, Conversations, Groups, Reputation, Sharing, Identity Identity as Core Idea  Who is your client?  What is their ‘core idea’/message?  How is the idea currently represented?  Can it be represented better? Digital Marketing @ Sony Sony Digital Touch Points  Website  Advertising  Email communications  Social Media Sony Digital Marketing Strategy  Online and Brick & Mortar Stores  Advantages of Digital Marketing www.Sony.ca  #1 among all digital touch points in: o Unique visitors o Impressions o Engagement per session o Time spent per session  Why Website is still one of the most important aspects of the online experience? Overall Digital Strat
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