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Lecture 2

CCT360H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Filezilla, Text Editor, Content Management System

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Communication, Culture and Technology
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Shanta Nathwani

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LEC #2
2a Welcome to my Homepage
- Ultimate goal of html: STRUCTURE - to be able to read text what headers, subheaders,
lists, etc. look like
o Without structure, you cannot add style (CSS)
- Old webpages used tables for layout (no longer used we use divs now)
- Information architecture
o Best organizational pieces are newspapers
The do’t kow what tet/ews toorrow is goig to e
Information can only live in one section of the newspaper
Does a good job of guiding you to the information you want to find
- Starting a piece of work:
a. Content (most important)
i. Each topic/subject has a different layout e.g. flower shop, historical
website, news site, etc.
b. Markup
i. Makes content functional
ii. Can see the paragraphs, headers, etc.
c. Presentation
i. Adds functionality
ii. Makes it a more whole eperiee
d. Behaviour (+)
i. You do’t eessaril see this o the we page
ii. What will people do after they read the article
iii. 99% of the time, the reason the website is up is bc the motivation is
1. e.g. donations, the website helps one get hired, shows who the
author is, get affiliates, etc.
iv. using design, architecture skills to drive behavior
- 26% of the worlds’ wesites are usig WordPress 4 illio- e.g. TIME, Huffington Post,
- Themes
o Once you pick a theme, you generally stick with it
o Easily pick a theme + activate it
- Why is this a big deal?
o Allow people to publish content to the web without knowing how to write code
This means that content creators can create content, coders can code
and designers can design
o Content Management System (CMS)
Basic unit of content is not always text
E.g. a photography portfolio uses images as a basic unit of
content, musicians use mp3 files, etc.
Includes what users you have + what permissions they have
E.g. HF front line staff vs supervisor vs admin
find more resources at
find more resources at
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