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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

05 Ethics of Simulations Class Discussion points  Desensitize – media  Difference between relaxing with video games and shooting someone  Familiarity with violence for kids who play video games  Learning aspects as well – in world as part of play – moral  Bystander effect – more likely to witness violence  Video games is the cause? Other factors  Video games – a broad range of games Is all this dangerous?  Find out who the reading are, who are these people. Become more aware of who these authors are. This is very important because you want to know what perspective they are coming from – their credibility Representation, enaction, and the ethnics of simulation – Simon Penny  Simon Penny is an Australian practitioner in the fields of Digital cultural practices, embodied interaction and interactive art  Over the last 25 years, he has made interactive and robotic installations which address critical issues arising at the intersection of culture and technology, informed by traditions of practice in the arts including sculpture, video-art, installation and performance; and by theoretical research in enactive and embodied cognition, neurology, phenomenology, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, robotics, critical theory, cultural and media studies  VIDEO: British Talk show talking about Video Games and Violence o For Video Games  One in twenty video games have an adult rating  Parents need to learn what the content of video games  Fail to understand that video games have a set age of categories  Certain genres of game o Against Video Games  War games have been moved into more violence. People can be corrupted by video games in the next 15 year generation  Movies are not addictive, but video games do not stop as fast and thus are more violent o Do video games cause violence in kids? Interesting facts and data  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7)aJtpUWT4  Load of rubbish. Violent video games do not make people violent. Thousands upon thousands of people play them; it’s become a big part of modern culture to play video games. Loads of people do it. It is due to combined circumstances that people are violent, not as direct result of video games. It’s like saying we should get rid of bread because 90% of crimes are caused within 24 hours of eating o Thoughts & Analysis  Desensitized – not from the games but from the media. It is combined. There is a difference between relaxing with video games and actually shooting someone  There is more of a comfort and familiarity  There are learning aspects as well – in world as part of play - moral  Video games make us more violent in real life. It is a bystander effect – more likely to witness violence  Video games are the cause? There are other factors that contribute to violence, not only video games o Fieldwork vs. Video games  No one wants to subject their kids to an experiment with video games. Parents do not regularly consent. Therefore, we’re left with artificial experiments rather than fieldwork  In these artificial experiment studies, there are some degrees of significance. Children do change their answers. It is quite a small group of children, but still shows that there is something. Therefore, when they talk about ‘research’, it is still experimental work. It is a small but significant findings  People discuss this is in different ways, such as conditions at home, etc.  You have to recognize that it is not fieldwork. There is negative effects that you need to account for, these kids want to please you and would say what you want them to say  Unfortunately, we will receive data from fieldwork. People are trying to correlate exposure and what we are seeing  These are all true  READINGS: Boellstorff o Making a claim that second life is not a simulation, but does emulate parts of a simulation o Rejects that Second life is constructed, developed, enacted and only a part of stimulation  READINGS: Penny o Unethical to pretend that we do not know what we are doing o Video g
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