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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

07 Game and Information Theories Writing Your Essay  Avoid the temptation of being descriptive  1) Put your thesis statement in the first paragraph  2) Your thesis is applying a theory to a virtual environment o Cannot say ‘Kimi thinks’, instead write according to what the theorist says  3) I should know the environment you chose and the theory you used right away  4) Follow criteria for analyzing the particular virtual world. Tell me how that works o Has x amount of criteria, and they go in steps. Is your criteria has some steps, follow the steps. That means headings, paragraphs, etc. o Use topic sentences such as ‘interactivity’  In second life, one of the interactive features is blah blah blah. We analyze this framework. Make it as clear as possible  5) Make sure you conclude something instead of just describing the environment o Not telling why something is the way it is Rules  This is not a descriptive assignment  Try not to only describe it – at the end of it you need to say what this all means o Use the language that we have been exploring to help you go past o Because it is slow, Secondlife is losing a lot of its users. They are using older software thus not compatible to the modern world  You need to apply the framework to discuss the world  You should no use words like ‘neat’ or ‘cool’ or ‘nice’, ‘interesting’, ‘fun’, ‘boring’  Every claim you make must be supported be evidence o In Secondlife, I often get lost. Navigating is a problem.  in designing interactive systems, it is necessary to design an orientation system. Based on interactive theory  should use a map  support  cite.  Do not worry about extensive citations, but you do need to cite the virtual world and the framework you selected o Your framework is more important than the world you choose. Framework is important and therefore you need to understand the framework  You must make a conclusion based on the framework Mock Study  Use thesis question around a particular framework, does not have to be Zimmerman. o What thesis would you come up with o Zimmerman  is this thing a game?  Research question – is Second Life a game?  Study design – I will choose Zimmerman’s framework and I will explore Second Life o Books you are reading  Data collection – I participate in Second Life o Your experiences in the game  Data analysis – I use Zimmerman’s game definition to analyze what I saw and what I recorded  Discussion – I form a conclusion based on my analysis  Write up – I describe the process above How to Conduct your Stud  Research question – you pose a question based on something you with to discover  Study Design – you pick a virtual world and theoretical framework for answering your questions  Data collection – … Eric Zimmerman (2004)
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