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Communication, Culture and Technology
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Rhonda Mc Ewen

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Author // Moulthrop 1. how can we study video games? 2. How can we study virtual environments 3. Can we treat “we are living through a movement from an organic, undustrial society to a polymorphous information system – from all work to all play, a deadly game. “polymorphous information system” – cloud storage so to speak • this quote exemplifies how work and the notion of working is becoming much like that of a deadly game; Moulthrop questions: can we understand new forms of storytelling in ways that we were informed by old forms of storytelling, classic media. Answer – yes we can! Everything is based on narratives. Configuration • the capacity to transform certain aspects of the virtual environment with potentially signiffician consequences for the system as a whole • the dominant function of film and movies is INTERPRETIVE, while the dominant form of games is configurative • in the configurative practice, you can losee and fail to reach the end Remember… • play is different from interpretation
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