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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

{Ethics & Simulation} Simon Penny – a person who has given robotics a strong name. What are the implications of embodied involvement? • psychological and sociological aspects of INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT • embodied ineraction with a representation where whe n the BODILY ACTION changes the representation in a way which is analogous to human action in the physical wolrd of objects. • The action of playing games changes the world around you Pictorial representation & Simulation ** know the difference Pictorial Simulation – a picture by picture representation of something Penny’s Argument says that there are 3 aspects of HUMAN ACTIVITY: 1. Non Technologically facilitated learning of bodily disciplines – like ballet or martial arts This has a lot to do with the same way we think about learning in other ways like repetition 2. Professional Simulator Training: flight, military, space and travel NOTE: Penny belives that repetitive physical actions hhave been a n integral part of education and socialization since preliterate times. 1. are the establishment of gender roles through emulation voluntary or coerced 2. social behaviours are often learnt without conscious intellectual understanding (Bordieu) • ani-intellectuality • reflex • automation Penny goes on to to say that training simulation and interactive entertainment were born and joined at the hip. Key strokes are a form of automation versus a trigger – but the idea as that at the keyboard or gun you are CONTROLLING IT all 1. What roles should simulations play? - must have more than 1 component that makes it a simulation – must be
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