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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

Week 3 – CCT395 {Terms} Simulator: A complex melding of physical devices that mimic real controls and sensors with computer software that feeds signals to those devices to make the situation seem real. A Simulator is NOT ALL virtual – we can use a joystick, audio inputs, keyboard strokes can be seen as a simulator. It is not only just the software that a simulator is but it is also the connection of the physical to the software to mimic the real life within a virtual world. Micro Simulation – a way to use web based browising to help understand different in world scenarios. Ex- Traffic Flow Control Why are computer simulations used? Answer: 1. complex situations where mathematical probability is insufficient; when consequence prediction is difficult; when large numbers of objects need to be accounted for; and when variability is high. 2. • Goals/Purpose/Use: Aids in general public’s understanding of traffic flow, supports experimentation, also helps understand fuel consumption, effects of driver behaviour, and the role of communication. **Essentially computer simulations have a goal, purpose and a use. 3. Structure - Observing traffic for a lo
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