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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

{Identity} • Identity within the SecondLife is a huge customization • Creating and customization within your Avatar is a life long commitment as you keep playing in the game Changing things like our sex, occupation, race, income in the real world versus the real world is much more difficult than it seems. As humans we have a certain control over OUR identity but we have no control over how our identity is experience by others. Identity can be defined as: • It is different from PERSONALITY. • Sharing an identity suggests that there is some “ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT” on our part. Ex – an extrovert is a kind of personality so to speak in that respect • Identity involves the internal and the subjective, and the external. It is a socially recognized position, recognized by others, not just by you. • We declare our personality thru symbols and the mechanisms that they create. • Person in latin refers to “mask” Sanskrit meaning of “Avatar” ~ • ava means downtarati means he crosses • tarati means he crosses **Social conventions such as living in a house, sitting down, driving a car -- Reflection on personal identity in Real Life Who are you – write down the follow
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