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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

Virtural Communities • Virtual communities in their simplest form represent CONVERGENCE! • Virtual communities are characterized by: shared interests, they are based on geography, they involved the exchange of text, voice, images in these ongoing discursive communities Participants in Virtual Communities • Participants and the communities themselves can ideally function as forums for the open sharing and exchange of INFO! • Virtual communites can act as emotional support as well Virtual Environments – can they act as a place for information exchange or a place for SOCIALIZING? • Blanchard & Horan – the exchange and availability of information are perhaps the most important aspects of community networks • People that go into these worlds is profoundly human, virtual worlds show us how our real lives have been VIRTUAL all along. Blanchard some what goes on to imply that we construct what we want to (ideally anyways) in real life so it is definitely a real experience just as much as a virtual world is as well. “Sociality” is a part of the information prac
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