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Communication, Culture and Technology
Charles Smith

Lecture 2 1112012 41300 PM CANNOT SKIP TUTORIALS March 14 28NormanUCD y Easy y Visible y Easy to evaluate y Follow natural mappings o Stove exampleAffordance y Buttons y Cell phone buttonsReadings OudshoornPinch SCOT y Innovation and how it happens y Pneumatic tiretire with airallows for rapid speedcomfortable ride y LOOKS AT INNOVATION SO IT IS NOT LINEAR y tire all kinds of relevant social groups people who wanted to go faster people didnt like bone shapeCitizencentered design Hewitt Design of ballots caused confusion You can be an individual who is not a citizen of a country and still work there visa green card and pay taxes without having the right to vote and how you identify to your system could varywho we are including in the voting system could changeChanging Citizenship Bennett Showing up to vote Participating in a non governmental org EGOVT and WEB 20
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