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Communication, Culture and Technology
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Anthony Wensley

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CCT424 LECTURE NOTES LEC 2 Strategy and Frameworky Movie theaters Readingy Focuses on Porters 5 forces modely what are the competitors threatsy understand how much power someone has o understand environment look outside the organizationo what opportunities are given to you that are overlookedy we import because we want cheaper goodsy Differentiationy different way of competing we cant compete on price might as well differentiate yourselfy bundle quality and add value to your customer y focus on particular groups target them in particulary can charge a good pricemake good profity not cater to everybodyy Gucci Praday Apple can not bargain with them o lowest price producero differentiates on product but also has a good priceo makes money on hardware 40 which is unheard of o but they do not specialize in hardwareo they make money of
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