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Lecture 5

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Earth Science
Lindsay Schoenbohm

Minerals: buildings blocks of rocks The atom • Approximately same number of positive of neutral neurons • Composed of a nucleus • Mass of the atom = nucleus Outer Shells • Approximately same number of negative electrons Element: grouping of same atoms that all have same # of protons (and neutrons) • E.g. carbon, oxygen • Quality of the element has to do with the number of protons it contains What = mineral? • Material composed of single or multiple elements held together by chemical bonds o Covalent  strong o Ionic mildly strong o Van der waals  weak • Minerals have following properties o Naturally occurring o Solid (never liquid or water) o Crystalline structure (orderly internal arrangement) (Glass in windows not a mineral) o Definable chemical composition o Has to have a regular arrangement o Inorganic  lots of protein in the world that are naturally occurring compounds YET THEY HAVE TO BE INORGANIC • Is ice a mineral? o Naturally occurring : yes o Solid : yes (when its cold) o Orderly internal arrangement : yes – snowflake  six sided symmetry o Definable chemical composition : yes (H20) o Inorganic : yes Minerals: buildings blocks of rocks Mineral Properties • Crystal form  how it
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