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Lecture 6

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Earth Science
Lindsay Schoenbohm

Minerals II Mystery Mineral # 2 • Colour: purple  QUARTZ! why does quartz have these properties? • Chemical composition and structure  has to do with internal structure • Start with basic building block and silica tetrahedra Silica Tetrahedra • Electrons arrange themselves in shells –they are airy and organize themselves into layers o Inner shelles – 2 of the 8 electrons o Outer shells – have 6 electrons yet has space for 8  has 2 vacant sites o Outer outer shell – has 4 vacant sites that need to be filled  This causes these 2 outer shells to share electrons • Covalent Bonds: atoms that share electrons to make themselves more stable & strong • Shape of molecule: tetrahedral (4 sides) • E.g. quartz : has a framework silica  oxygen bonds with silica in 2 directions – allows it to be stable o Properties of quartz  6 side crystal form  Uneven fracture  Hard, strong, durable o in every direction – it has strong covalent bonds  make it hard of about 7 o equibatious Earth’s interior  Most abundant elements in whole earth?  Most abundant elements in earth’s crust? Oxygen and
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