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Eco100y5 Chapter 1 Market=place where there are many buyers for example, orientation where there are more potential buyers Market: efficient Buyers: go to a market where the Sellers: find buyers where they want products are lower price to pay a higher price People that want to pay a higher price perceive to have placed a higher value on the product. -resource allocation=>most valuable use=>efficient -resources are limited=>scarcity -use the product in the most efficient way, because we have limited resources -all usages of limited resources “trade off”. To get something we have to pay off something. Product possibility boundary=>max output mix(x,y) you can produce given resources technology (the line on the graph in ppt1) -when it is in the line, not using all resources “wastage” 1. What and how to produce? - Ask first question what does the market wants,. -the least costly way. 2.What and who to consume? -the products will always go to the one with the highest bid. 3.Why resources are sometime idle? “macro” -demand deficiency 4.Productive capacity growing “economic growth”? - the more money we have, the more we can consume, the better living standard and well being of economy 5.How do we study economics? “model” -build model to study what the world is going on Markets input and output output revenue expenditure firms
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