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Lecture 7

EDS310H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Robert Munsch, Homestay, List Of Universities In Canada

Education Studies
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Liz Coulson

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Lecture 7- International Students in Ontario 02-17-17
“If we agree that Ontario education is being carried out in a global context, then we have
to know more and we have to do things differently” – J. Shields
Culturally relevant learning materials
Books! (no Robert Munsch) need diversity, what about other students who don’t follow
the mainstream culture ?
Other types of learning material? Computers, art open concept
Additional ways of being culturally proficient in an Ontario classroom?
How did preparing to do an identity text make you feel?
Identity texts for students requiring ELD support why?
Identity texts in the Arts / Math / Science / History / Physical Education and Health
Why are identity texts essential with International students / ELLs requiring ESL or ELD
Can kids read on the computer? Will it take over ?
International Fee Paying Students in Ontario Elementary and Secondary schools
Homestay- a place to stay while they are getting an education
Students often come alone, Grades 3 12, sometimes with one or more parents
Told us about the story of the child who was 3 years old from Korea who came alone
and was fearless in her education
Student Visa is required, length of stay is variable
Agents identify, assist families to find appropriate schools
Homestays are used very frequently
Students often require ESL support, and there is a range of academic abilities
Game Simulation-Quiz Questions and Answers
1. What is the average fee charged by an Ontario school board to International students
studying in an Ontario elementary or secondary school on a Student Visa?
$13,000 yearly
2. How much does a homestay (bedroom, shared bath, meals) cost for an international
high school student studying in Ontario on a student visa ?
$11,500 yearly
3. In what year did the Ontario Ministry of Education devise a Strategy for K-12
International Education in Ontario?
4. Ontario has declining enrollment Between 2002
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