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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Chester Scoville

Hogarth: Painter -Hogarth came from an improvrished background – dad was poor -Early and middle 18 century – people called this period Enlightenment -In the 18 century in Europe, growing urbanization occured -great age for politics and satire/social commentary -the art 300 years ago seems lost to us now, we won’t be able to understand It without knowing the author’s perspective of the painting and what he/she made -Hogarth engraved prints and made pictures for pamphlets, newspapers (link to social commentary) -1731, Hogarth painted a series of 6 paintings – A Harlot’s Progress (A virtuous young woman who got caught up in money and riches, and entered prostitution) -using sequences to tell a story were very common back then, so he was not the first one to do so -he made black and white engravings which became really popular -instead of 6 he does 8 paintings later on and creates a story of an immoral man (A Rake’s Progress) -during Hogarth’s time there was no real copyright law – anyone could make a knock off of an original painting, many made duplications of Rake’s Progress and Harlot’s – people began making commentary and trying to figure out what was happening in the paintings -he produced a lot of other sequential pieces The agreed upon interpretation of Paintings: 1. Title: Heir -The main character is Tom Rakewell (Tom was a really common name in the 18 century) th -Inheriting his father's wealth -the young woman (Sara Young) is crying on the side, she is dressed like a servant, and is being dismissed by Tom (she is pregnant with Tom Rakewell's baby) 2. Title: The Levee -A levee tradition is in which there is an open ended party anyone can come and enjoy -The man in the left to Tom is a dancing master, they carry tiny little violins playing tunes allowing t
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