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Waiting for Godot

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Chester Scoville

Waiting for Godot Post Modernity/ Masterplots  Why does everyone remember Waiting for Godot?  Addressed concerns after WWII  Modernity/ post modernity are very broad, but relate to the ideas following WWII that the old model of written progress failed.  Postmodernity  began in the 1960’s  way Estragon and Vladimir lived is similar to how people in France lived post war – dirty, poor, devastated world results in their o experiences making sense.  pg. 52 V & E talk about nonsense - make speech to fill up silence, and avoid thinking about the war - “This is becoming insignificant”, failure to mean something signifially - pointing out there their language doesn’t mean anything - they speak to give themselves the illusion that they exist - if everything has been taken away from you, then what’s the point? - If you can no longer trust any larger narrative then what is left?  nothing but action (why they talk/act = living)  Pg. 82 Vladimir asks what he will do tomorrow  Is there more to human life? - Yes, there’s hope  Pg. 84 Estragon says “I can’t go on like this” & Vladimir says “That’s what you think”
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