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Collin Hill

The Metamorphosis By: Franz Kafka Kafkaesque:  Nightmarish, bizarre, endlessly and pointlessly complex and illogical  A sense of threat , menace, distortion of reality  The individual in this is diminished by his and her surroundings and superiors  Feels a sense of isolation, psychological disturbances Zeitgeist: depressing event Example: “The Family”  Pointless formality  The metamorphosis allows Gregor to notice things he normally wouldn’t 2. The Symbolist Novella A) The symbolism of Gregor’s “metamorphosis”  The loss of dignity, individuality, sanity by becoming a bug  A transformation of a human being into something much smaller B) Symbolic Narrative; Kafka’s “supporting” symbolism  “Meanwhile the day had grown much lighter…”  The setting and everthing and everything surrounding are also symbolic  Pathetic Fallacy: weather or environment reflect the feeling of the characters, or feeling of self 3. Expressionism B) The Expressionist aesthetic  Replaced realism with powerful exaggerated emotion and thought  Expresses a troubled society/nightmarish world  Image of an individual alone in an industrial mechanized society  Dramatic outward display of internal states  The goal is not to depict things as they happen, but to make them reflect emotional content of the creator and subject  To paint so the appearance is what’s inside  The twists/exaggerating setting etc…. C) Literary Expressionism  The visible world (ex. Setting, landscape, characters,)takes on a distorted often symbolic properties that reflect the contents of a central character’s mind, or reflects overall psychological tone of a given situation. “One morning upon wakin
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