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ENG140Y5 Lecture Notes - Perspectivism

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Collin Hill

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To the Lighthouse 01/13/2014
1) Epistemological Narrative
Epistemology: a branch of philosophy that explains the nature of human knowledge and the process
that governs its acquisition (How do we know what we know?)
Epistemology narrative: writing that explores and imitates the workings of the human mind; writing
that emphasizes and represents subjective states of human consciousness writing that considers and
represents human thought process.
Mimics the human mind  flow of thoughts
Author is going in and our of the characters’ minds
Your at a plateau and then reach an epiphany
a) Stream of Conscious narrative:
Stream of Conscious narrative: narrative that represents with little or not external meditation in
the cognitive and emotional processes as they occur in the mind of the character
James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922) offers the most sustained and influential example of stream of conscious
b) Psychological Realism:
Writers are trying to be as realistic as possible when talking about the human world/ mind functions
we are forced to think differently be expressionist writing
c) Subjectivity, Multivocality, Perspectivism
Subjectivity: is interpretation based on personal thoughts, impressions and emotions, rejected the
notion of objectivity, omniscient all knowing 3rd person narrator. (pg.62)(depends on the subjective narrative
of the character, changes based on characters)(pg. 136)(pg.161) (to understand someone or any subject to
need a million eyes, in order to take in the whole of reality, we all only have a limited and subjective
Multivocality: is incorporation of several often competing and dissonant voices in a single narrative
(emphasizes the number of subjective perspectives from different characters, often very competing) (pg.11)
(all the children are already arguing because of their different perspectives about the world, Mrs. Ramsay is
trying to gather everyone together at the dinner, so they can take a break of that madness of multivocality,
that isolates us from other human beings)(pg.68) (everyone is trying to come together at dinner)
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