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Chris Koenig- Woodyard

9/23/2013 6:48:00 AM Epic (grand)- Usually quite long. -usually does not focus on an individual Lots ‘Kennings’ in the book -Alliteration is a form of repetition Beouwulf continuation…  Why are they engaging in constant flyting?  Sometimes people are exchanging goods. Ex; women, stories, or goods.  Wergild = man gold (fee-money) (line 470)  Beowulf’s father swore an oath to heorogar (heorargar settled a feud for him)  Heorogar brings a theme of pride. Shows Beowulf to not be prideful an subtly advices on how to be a great king  Also cautions him about old age (it will be harder to rule as you get older)  The ‘epic’ is historical, time is compressed  Digression; epics speak to one another and link together some how and intersects  An idea that fate plays a key role in this text  First 2200 lines of poem focuses on Beouwulf as a younger guy  Beouwulf offers a type of thesis (line 573-575)  Beouwulf fights Grendel and cuts his arm off  Not exactly sure what Grendel is. Described in many different ways (He, it, thing, toll, ogre etc)  Grendel’s mother is now described (1500)  1557 Beouwulf realizes that his sword won’t work. Grendel is unnatural.  Found a larger sword, and assumed that this sword may work on a giant like Grendel  What is this blade that is better than the other blades? What is so special about this blade that is able to kill Grendel and his mother?  Beouwulf returns to heorargar to tell him about this successfulness.  When Beouw
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