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Lecture 3

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Tracy Moniz

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January 20, 2010
Lecture Three WRI203
Exercise 5: List 25 verbs for , to love and to hate
Exercise 6: Collect a minimum of 50 Clics for 4 days from different source each
day and note the source at the top of your list. (Find them from Soap Operas, Song
Lyrics, Friends talking, some newspapers, magazines)
Exercise 7: Pull a page out of any Print Newspaper and read through the page and
circle and highlight all the clichés on the page
Exercise 8: Write a 200 word piece/story filled with nothing but Clics (Examples:
Love Stories) DUE FEB 3
Assignment 2:
oWrite about something you have experienced or observed in a school setting
oDue January 27th
oInclude a Title
oLocate the reader (early in the story)
oKeep it an incident piece
oKeep language simple and direct
oGive details
oDo not use the conclusion to summarize the story or give the moral of the
story or even emphasize the point of the story
oRead Chapter 2 in Make it New
Editing Groups:
oDiscuss Strengths, Edits and Opportunities
Strengths: things they have done well
Edits: where they can improve such as stronger verbs and etc.
Opportunities: suggestions for the piece (ex: different ways a person
can end a story)
oHave 3-5 ppl.
oMeet editing group once a week, face to face outside of class time
oEvery time you meet w/ the group come with a piece to edit
Interfering Factors: Clichés
oPre formulated strings of words that substitute for real meaning in
structured writing
oLoses its meaning or effect
oClics stem from words that were once very attractive
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