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Lecture 4

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January 27, 2010
Lecture Four WRI203
Exercise 8: Write a 200 word piece/story filled with nothing but Clichés (Examples:
Love Stories) DUE FEB 3
Exercise 9: Find 25 verbs for to laugh and to talk
Exercise 10: Write 6 sentences in the passive voice, two need to be in the past
tense, 2 in the future tense and 2 in the present tense. Than make the sentences
PRESENT TENSE (ACTIVE): Officer Smith seizes the evidence.
PRESENT TENSE (PASSIVE): The evidence is seized by Officer
PAST TENSE (ACTIVE): Julian drove the car that night.
PAST TENSE (PASSIVE): The car was driven by Julian that night.
FUTURE TENSE (ACTIVE): Sarah will play the music at the
FUTURE TENSE (PASSIVE): The music will be played by Sarah at
the wedding.
Assignment 3
Write about something you have seen or experienced through gender
oDoesnt have to be about a romantic relationship
oExamples: sibling issues, parents
Read the chapter on Relationships
Interfering Factor 3: Passive Voice
Natural sentence order = SP (subject phrase) + VP (verb phrase) + OP (object
Active sentence = subject (agent of action) + VP +OP
oExample: Tracy sees John.
oExample: Sally stole Johns shoes.
oExample: Mary walked the dog.
Passive Sentence= subject (receiver of action) + VP + OP
Passive sentence = subject (receiver of action) + to be + past participle of verb
oExample: John was seen by me.
oExample: Johns shoes were stolen by Sally.
oExample: The dog was walked by Mary.
oExample: The village was bombed and 7 people were killed. (**there is no
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