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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Tracy Moniz

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February 10,
Lecture Six WRI203
Exercise 13: Brainstorm 4 possible interviews (just a couple of sentences why it
would be good to interview them)
Assignment 4
oDUE: FEB 24th
oWrite about something that you have experienced or observed in a job that
you have had.
oRead Work Chapter in Make it New
oShow the reader what the job was like, through the details
oPresent a picture what is was like to work in that particular place
Use Names of places and people who looked there
oKeep within a frame an incident
Assignment 7
o DUE: March 24th
oInterview someone about a subject that interests you and then write a piece
based on that interview
oRead Interview Chapter in Make it New
oHave a couple of ideas
oThink about setting (Public or Private place)
What on their desk?
Whats on the bookshelf?
oYou need to go into the interview being prepared and knowing something
about the person already. DO RESEARCH!
oYou want to know about the topic and person before the interview, plus the
questions that you are going to ask
Themed Driven Interview: trying to gain insight on a topic
Character Based Interview: want to allow the reader to experience
the person, and present that person to the reader on the paper
Avoid interviewing family members (unless interviewing a family
member that had an interesting experience)
Avoid interviewing celebrities
Disclose relationship with the person
The person needs to know they are being interviewed
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