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“Exercisers” - Mistry

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Daniela Janes

“Exercisers” - Mistry “The Collectors” – theft – connection with older man (Dr. Mody) and his wife – sexual identities formed and inhibited – “excessive reading habits” – he is allowed to take out 2 instead of the usual 1 “Exercisers” – suffers from social isolation – exercisers – female influences – particularly his mother's influence – is this story really a coming of age story? – Does he achieve any purpose? – Does he answers his own questions that he sets out with? – p. 205 – fans moving – passengers moving – parents moving – pseudo-movements/exercises – motion and activity abound but to no purpose – fans do not give any respite from the heat – all exercise is futile in this journey – he eventually gives up the resistance – his own way of moving becomes symbolic – he gives up his mental state – exercising builds male, masculine community – why does he keep going back to this group of men? – He is trying to move forward – those who move forward with power and purpose – movement/exercise – powerlessness – all his movements seem to be futile/in vain – all his attempts of exercise are thwarted and bring him arousal but it ends as quickly as it starts – doomed to passivity and obedience – going back and forth toward the two women – still drawn toward the male exercisers – he is trapped in the situation that others have created for him – space and places and their relevance – he does quite a bit of wandering about – journey on the train – remembers all those places at school – Hanging Garden – outside – external – the cinema – the girlfriend's flat – his own home – every
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