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Enemies - O'Brien

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Daniela Janes

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November 26, 2012 Enemies - Important to read stories in sequence - p.59 – first fight = characterized by ambivalence, moral anarchy - acceleration, something small  something bigger - p.60 – narrowing in to the battle of the mind “in Jenson’s head” - war and conflict o psychological trauma o battleground inside mind o unable to relax o “enemies everywhere, no front”  lose of control  (snaps inside Dave Jenson) • Breaks nose - p.60-61 – vulnerability o mental wound o nose break = semantic level, become aware Friends - bind each other to contract - p.63 – begs him “don’t kill me” - bound to one another - loyalty being questioned o carry out actions outlined in the contract or respond to desperate plea - life and death choices - bottom p.63 – burden carried o weight being lifted “enormous weight” o cost of Strunk dying o Strunk solves the problem o No more promises to be made  No consequences  Seemed element of subjectivity of observer seeming sense of being relieved (Tim O’Brien) - Twin promises = mutually exclusive - Ethical and moral elements of Vietnam - 2 possible meanings behind the title How To TellATrue War Story - How to narrate or discern o One to writer, one to reader - Opening anecdote = true - Unreceptive audience o Their interpretation may be different - Relation between writer and hostile reader (deaf ears) - Gender narrative – male writer, female reader o Burden of responsibility tell story as right as you can - bottom p.65 – gulf between writing and reading (who hasn’t been to war) o share experience or experience brought to them November 26, 2012 o stories never been resolved (preclude resolution)
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