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“The Ghost of Firozsha Baag”

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Daniela Janes

th November 7 /12 “The Ghost of Firozsha Baag” - shift from 3 person to 1 person - how this shift engages these questions of voice and language into more complex ways - what to do with our narrative “I”? - our narrator is a story teller - oral style tale - digressive narrative style - digressive chronology - she holds the power as the storyteller - to tell the story is to have agency you might not have after - she doesn’t even have power over her own name now - as storyteller, she has important power - formal play within text - interplay with sections in italics - cooking and telling story November 9 /12h – relationship between cooking and telling stories – two kinds of texts – the importance of food in the short story cycle as a whole – food is serving a really important function as specific cultural aspects – creation of fabric of place – food and place and community – characters who tell stories and the power you get from storytelling – derives a kind of power she doesn't have in other aspects of her life – narrative power and social power – thickening of the ingredients and story – stir the pot and make everybody hungry – repetition → orality – narrative circulation – speaker and interocular – trespasses upon credulity – believe or don't believe – operating under a name – name mispronounced – she is an outsider – first example of the outsider/immigrant – leave your home and go somewhere else – absorbed into another place/community – sense of powerlessness – nothing she can do – nowhere she can go – paralyzed economically and socially th November 7 /12 – but she gets that power from her internal life – ghost framed as seduction, a figure of desire – appetite/desire – food – for the things like family and belonging – afraid of fathers – spiritual fathers – priest – G-d – moment of misrecognition – moment of false/mistaken identity – Jacqueline is thought to be the ghost – vin
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