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“The Courtship of Mr. Lyon” - Carter

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Daniela Janes

th Oct.29 /12 “The Courtship of Mr. Lyon” - Carter – Beaumont complicates the story by the fluidity of the Beast – he can be the beast and human at the same time – ability to see beyond surface of Jean-Yves – Bride(groom) stories – necessary privileging of the human over the beast – one validates the privileging of the human over the beast while the other destabilizes by changing the human into the beast (The Tiger's Bride) – p. 45 – “Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial” – cash imperative – how do we read the absence of choice? – She is an object, a commodity – she becomes part of the cash nexus – p. 47 – scene of the beast kissing her hands in her lap – collapsing of monstrous and the human – courtly gestures of human – engages her in polite conversation – he also walks on all fours – reflection and use of mirrors in Carter's stories – she sees herself reflected back in his eyes – she sees something animalistic in herself being reflected – early suggestion of the vanity of the girl – ever so slight narcissism – p. 48 – language of remembrance and forgetting – so important in the story “The Bloody Chamber” – Beauty's obligation to her remembrance of her promise to the beast – freedom vs. entrapment – perfect freedom → not in debt – teasing out of the idea of freedom – he is male and big and has money – she is female and petite and has no money – kind of restoration – no money to be repaid now – desolating emptiness – losing her humanity – when she is away from the beast with money she has power and becomes monstrous – p. 48 – after the break – scene of gazing at herself in the mirror with satisfaction th Oct.29 /12 – implied transformation in the girl – she has been turned by all this high living – whatever is inside her is being transformed – status of the human and monstrous figure is destabilized – the girl herself is the monster who needs help – she is besoughted with her own appearance and delights of high living – p. 49 – destabilization of beast and animal – dog described anthropomorphism – the dog is more moral than the girl – the dog is more capable to virtue than the girl – p. 50 – the house has changed – loud door – darkness – dirty – cobwebs – flowers dead – dust everywhere – exh
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