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“Cat in the Rain” - Hemingway

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Daniela Janes

“Cat in the Rain” - Hemingway - American married couples in Europe o Mr. and Mrs. Elliot o Cat in the Rain o Out of Season - Site of longing as she is looking out of the window longing for the kitten - Story focalized from wife’s POV - Longing is sympathetic or ridiculous terms? o She is looking out of the window at the war monument but she is looking and thinking of the cat - Language of desire - Appetite - P. 93 o Positioning of her  Double image • Reflection in the hand mirror in the larger mirror o Self-reflection of herself o Doubling reflection leaves her just on the surface looking at her profile and at her haircut o Public and private personae  Fantasy of domesticity • Site of self-actualization for the woman o She wants long hair to brush out o She wants a kitty to stroke o He doesn’t have patience for her frivolous concerns “Out of Season” - Focus on the Italian o He wants a new life Chapter XII - rare success at bull fighting - unanticipated moment of triumph and glory - moment of masculine triumph over the bull - something very intimate about this battle between Villalta and the bull o there is a nobility of it  nobility of battle is being recuperated - implied futility - echo or reflection of intercourse o becoming one with bull and bull fighter - blood as life giving and life taking - subjectivity o bull fighter’s success is bull demise  there can only be one victor Cross Country Snow - freedom - p. 107 o sudden swoosh - this is post war Nick Adams - intimacy/familiarity o their use of nicknames - image of female fertility o Helen’s pregnancy o The German server is pregnant - P. 112 o Nick makes a promise to ski in the future  Implications of his phrase, “There isn’t any good in promising” • Regret o He knows that in going back he has to give up skiing  Setting out from domesticity - Movement from Europe to America o Fantasy of expatriation My Old Man - son of a jockey, who dies in the end - frankness/directness of the child narrator - he is very adoring of his father - after the father dies, the boy overhears two men calling his father a “crook” (p. 129) o “…when they get started they don’t leave a guy nothing” (p. 129).  Taking away his image of his father  This sense that there is nothing sacred  Death isn’t an end; narratives extend beyond  L
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