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Ernest Hemingway – In Our Time

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Daniela Janes

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rd October 3 /12 Ernest Hemingway – In Our Time - “Give us peace in our time, O Lord” ~ English Book of Common Prayer o we have Hemingway’s secularism o longing for peace is something that unites the characters and Nick in different parts of the novel o “our”  shared general experience • shared experience of trauma - Inter-chapters/vignettes o Secondary/peripheral to the longer, titled short stories o Relating the vignettes to the titled short stories  The book is obliquely about the war • How subject lives in the post-war world  They act as the textual bodies adding up  Confusion as we attempt to relate it to the titled short-stories  Flashback/snapshot • Terseness of the narrative  Autobiographical interpolations • Bill’s nickname for Nick, Wemidge, was also Hemingway’s nickname while he was in the war - Nothing beautiful being represented of the war - Deflating of Nationalist views - See the traumatic legacy of these experiences - Shift in the inter-chapters o Moves from war to bull fighting  Thematic shift • Tense, shaped battle • Alienation, brutalizing of the body of the bull o Political • Accumulation of failure in the battle • Nature of tragedy is in it’s inevitability o Doomed to tragic fall o Only the bull fighter or the bull is going to get out of the ring o Pure, nobility, heroism of war o Violence, chaos, literal ring where masculinity is tested  Failing at these challenges The Battler - Nick following path, sees fire, diverts from path, off putting encounter, returns to path - Railroad as a metaphor rd October 3 /12 o Emblem of futility  You struggle but you only go where you go o No straight path defined for Nick o Mobile metaphor  Take it to different stories • Diverge from what is expected of them - How can we connect Ad Francis to Nick and what happens now and what is to come? o When Ad’s career is over, staying in the woods
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