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Oct 26 - Carter.odt

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Daniela Janes

th Oct. 26 /12 “The Bloody Chamber” - Carter – representation of Bluebeard – always represented as a monstrous other – beard is outward sign of inward corruption – power dynamic – monstrous husband – p. 17 – all the better to see you – Little Red Riding Hood – evoke intertextuality – he is the figurative wolf to eat the flesh of the bride – she is the child and he is the adult – reluctance to hand over the keys – p. 21 – key to his enfer – key to his hell – curious tension as to why he gave her the key – offers it as a den as a hideaway – his identity might lay elsewhere – secret drawer in the desk – compulsion is overwhelming – p. 27 – enters forbidden room – white space separating before and after – passes through the threshold – passing through innocence – exercise of free will – she finds the bodies of his wives – moment of harrowing/hell – dark space reveals his soul – staining of the key in the pool of blood (this is the magical element of the story) – the key is stained and the blood cannot be wiped away – sense of situatedness – telephones – modern – one magical key – item out of order – destabilizes the real – magic is associated with him – his power to know what she will do – sense of irretrievable loss th Oct. 26 /12 – metaphorical – consummation – she can never become a virgin again – you cannot un-know what you know – open eyed transactional approach to this wedding – she sold herself to this fate – inescapable – she lives to narrate the story – p. 32 – his lovely blind humanity – binary of huma
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