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th Romeo and Juliet: October 30 , 2013 -relationship between language and reality -characters and struggle for control -characters’ inability to bring together the language and the reality they are trying to control LANGUAGE AND ITS DISCONTENTS: -Verona and the pun (1.1) -Foreshadowing (grave = wedding bed (1.5.132), garden = death (2.1.106); “kill thee with much cherishing” (2.1.228)) -The problem of the name (2.1.74ff.; 205 ff.) *play tries to argue that words don’t matter, however characters show that language is important. -On not swearing oaths (2.1.151 ff.) LANGUAGE AND MALE HOMOSOCIALITY: MERCUTIO *Mercutio’s death makes it certain that this is a tragedy, not a comedy. *his death took the joy out of the language in the play. -Banter as a social art (2.3.76 ff.): Deceit as authenticity (Contrast poetry – solitary, unproductive, masturbatory [2.1.9, 34 ff.]) *men bond over playful language *language changes through love -Banter as duel (2.3.59) -Banter as sex (2.3.55, 67, 82-87) -Dominance of erotics of language over erotics of the body (2.3.132-33) JULIET ANDD LANGUAGE: -Address to night (3.2.1-31) -Turning Petrarchist (3.2.73-85) -“Banished” and the power of words (3.2.112-127; cf. Romeo, 3.3.12-51) *almost like the word is more important than the reality, saying the word makes the reality worse than what it is. -Equivocation and double entendre (3.5.93-102; 4.1.18-36) Romeo and Juliet: November 4, 2013 Language and the World -3.5: The aubade: language can no longer control the world -What is the link between real
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