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Lecture 1

ENG234H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Electronvolt, Magic Circle, John Bunyan

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July 7, 2015
Looking at pleasure from a childs perspective.
Remember moving between two views from literary perspective, and from a childs reader.
Genre is a contract.
Expectation of the genre
Recurrent themes.
Naturation and escape
Challenges of friendship and relationships.
Move from childs world to adult world. Or from one place to another.
We have a different prespective then a child as we are more aware of other experiences.
Use strategies for age appropriate strategies.
Moral core.
The didactic core to teach moral values.
Teach values and proper behaviours.
Read Aristotle’s poetics
Mimesis-imitation, moved emotionally is fake, platou didn’t want this to be in society.
Aristotle takes this and changes it to sienctific. We learned that humans learn through imitation.
We enjoy playing and learn better.
First moral core is didactic very close to plato.
-it should teach morals and values.
Moral core two is pleasure and delight as components
Magic circle- j.huizinga, that play is a majic circle.
Crystalize as subject to subject logic.
Children never act on the basis of the greater good.
Big pev on papers padding out the length do not due.
From/structure of content.
What kind of voice.
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