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Lecture 3

ENG250Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sarah Vowell, Manifest Destiny, Close Reading

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Melissa Gniadek

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Lecture 3: Puritan Perspectives: John Winthrop's
"City on a Hill"
Monday, September 21, 2015
1:15 PM
Provided origin story for American south
1838 is when it first appears in print, manuscript form
From 1630
Columbus: 1492
De Vaca: 1542
Sarah Vowell
Where was this preach actually? We don’t know why Sarah points this out
Nobody writes about the sermon, notes it is republished in an era associated with
manifest destiny, Western expansion
Helps see the Puritan's as problems
(40) Leaving for religious freedom
Captures the uncertainty
Puritan= non-separating, reform as well
Not okay with how things are going in England, but don't want to cut off all ties
with the church
Two levels to the Sermon
oReligious uncertainty (ideals)
o"real world" on the ground realities of the situation
Important terms:
Predestination: God is in charge, chooses who is saved and who isn't. This is already
known. Part of it is
The Elect: those who are saved
Covenant of Works: God promised Adam eternal life if they obeyed moral law
Covenant of Grace: people have to have an active faith
Bible as a Typological Model: Way of reading a bible forecasting events from Old to
New testament. Read this in the bible, serves as a type for us and our world. Using a
biblical person as a way to explain things that happen in the real world. Puritans are
fulfilling prophecy by going to the New World.
"A Model of Christian Charity" John Winthrop
First paragraph describing how inequalities are at the will of God
Seems surprising, intense paradoxes in this sermon
Interesting ways that he works through these
The body imagery is intense
This is how it is… despite this is how it is, we are like one system
It is this way so that we can work together
Worldly activities help other people
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