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Lecture 7

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Confederation and the New Nation
Thematic parallels between features in a landscape and the way writers are
responding to chart the blank spaces of the culture
Enduring sense of Canada as a nation and its position within imperial British
Pg. 316 The way it participates in the creation of a master narrative of Canadian
narrative and multiculturalism
Pg. 326 Section on O Canada that offers us to compare the French version
Anti confederation song Pg. 318
oReminder that the debate about confederation was an actual debate
oThere were people that abstained from joining
oNewfoundland independence
Pg. 278 Image of BC as an elegant young lady
Pg. 645
Exist as a fluid text and whether it fits enough people
Thomas Darcy McGee
A nation and its literature
Need to create a distinctive Canadian literature
A Canadian nation exists as both a political entity and its not until its stories are
told that it becomes a cultural entity
oHe participates in the cultural sense
oMore than just physical borders
oSomething that exists in a collective imagination
Need to foster home grown talent
Indian Act
Cultural rituals- potlatch
What’s at stake in the government policy
References to the residential school policies ki
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