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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Lecture SixSeptember 19 2011 What makes Earth Unique It has life Earth has Unique Characteristics Chemical composition of the atmosphereo Nitrogen and oxygen richo Nitrogen oxygen carbon and hydrogen are the building blocks of lifeExistence of Watero Solid liquid vapour at surface conditiono Supports water at all forms Ecosphere and Biosphereo Region where life is possible and existence of lifeo Carbon dioxide is sequestered and put into carbon pools usable by other organisms who convert it to oxygen Dynamic nature of rock weatheringo Soil is unique because it is full of organismsmineral and organic Dynamic Nature of the lithosphereo Not too thick not too thin o Movement of plate tectonics Objectives of the Class Natural selectionadaptationHow evolution results in biodiversityReasons for species extinction Why is it importantLife on earth is an important concepto We are stewards on this earth o We have a huge impact on it Golden toads were discovered in 1964 in Moteverde Costa Ricao Started being studied and realized that the population was in trouble o Every time they sampled them their numbers where going downLast observation in 1989 declared extinction in 2004 IUCNEl Ninochytrid fungus affects amphibian o Strong and prolonged El Nino effect has caused fungus to be more prevalent in the environment and lead to their demise Climate change o Some say yes some say no o But we do know that its effects are very real and all around usLife is Diverse How did it get that way o Natural selection Traits that enhance survival and reproduction persist in population
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