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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Lecture SevenSeptember 21 2011Review Question Disruptive selection would result in which of the following o Dogs with black coats evolving whiter coats in colder areas o Red and white flowers interbreeding producing pink flowers o Fish evolving bigger eyes as the water gets muddier o A population of birds some with thicker beaks that eat seeds and others with thinner beaks that eat insects ExtinctionExtinction is a natural part of lifeo However most extinctions occur from biological interactions o When mass extinction occurs it is usually related to environmental circumstances Some species are more vulnerable to extinction than others o Rapid environmental change may lead to extinction o Some species are resilient o Eg the Great Tit bird spring is coming earlier and therefore caterpillars come out of their eggs earlier and earlierOffspring must be timed when food is availableTherefore they have adjusted their laying dateEndemic specieso Species with a small geographic distribution o Eg only being found in few particular places makes it
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