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ENV100 Lecture NotesMar 16 2012 Managing Our Waste Readings Chapter 18This lecture will help you understandThe types of waste we generateApproaches to managing wasteThe scale of the waste dilemma Conventional waste disposal methodsApproaches for reducing wasteIndustrial solid waste managementIssues in managing hazardous wasteThe Beare Road landfill making good use of old garbage19681983 The Beare Road pit received municipal garbage from Toronto1983 landscape restoration undertaken1996 began to collect the methanerich gas being generated by the decomposting garbage LFGTE landfill gastoelectricity o We cant have an economy that uses our air water and soil as a garbage can David Suzuki o Garbage isnt generic gunk Its elements of our behavior all thrown together William Rathje Garbage ArchaeologistWaste management is changing in the throwaway ageChanges in consumption patterns o Consumption increases with income and with urbanizationChanges in quantity and types of waste o Quantity of waste increases with consumption o Emerging categories of waste hazardous nuclear and military waste and now ewasteWaste generation is rising in all nationsWaste generation increases with incomeWaste in Canada has increased with growth in population and GDPThe nature of materials and packaging has changed substantially from 100 years ago o More anthropogenic hazardous and nonbiodegradable materialsWaste management is changing in the throwaway ageChanges in packaging o Materials have changedHistorical cloth natural fibre plant material woodModern wood cardboard glass plastic o Modern packaging materials are durable and degrade much more slowly
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