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ENV100 Lecture NotesMar 14 2012 New Renewable Energy Alternatives continued Readings Chapter 17Offshore and highelevation sites can be promising for wind powerWind speeds are 20 greater over water than over landLess air turbulence over water than land Wind power has many benefitsNo emissions once installedMore efficient than conventional power sourceso EROI181Turbines use less water than conventional power plantsFarmers and ranchers can lease their lando Produces extra revenueo Landowners can still use their land for other usesAdvancing technology is also driving down the cost of wind farm construction Wind power also has some drawbacksNo control over strength and timing of windGood wind sources are not always near population centers that need energyWhen wind farms are proposed near population centers local residents often oppose them mainly noise concerns but some people just dont like the turbinesMore upfront costsWind turbines may pose a threat to birds and bats which can be killed when they fly into rotating blades Geothermal energy is from Earths interiorMost easily exploitable near active volcanoes or plate boundaries where heat flow is highGeothermal energy is inexhaustible in principleRadioactive decay of elements deep inside the planet generates heatGeothermal power plants use heated water or steam for direct heating and generating electricityIf heated water is used faster than groundwater is recharged the plant will run out of water o Can inject wastewater into the ground to replenish the supplyPatterns of geothermal activity shift naturally o An area that produces hot groundwater now may not always do so
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