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 Challenges in env/resource mgmt o 1: who is involved in env/res mgmt?  3 levels of gov’t  Aboriginals  Civil society (promoters, conservationists/environmentalists, technologists)  Challenge is meeting the needs/interests of all these groups  Who has legal power? o 2: what env issues are addressed?  See issue-attention cycle (wk 2 slide) o 3: inherent characteristics of env/res mgmt  Conflict over values, interests, behaviour. Ex: recreational hunting is a need for some, hated by others  Uncertainty: risk, ignorance, indeterminacy  Change: conditions, expectations, needs  Complexity: cause and effect difficult to determine, multiple variables/pathways  Mgmt of fisheries: o 1868: Canada's Dominion Fisheries Act  Developed marine fisheries st o 1902: 1 mention of conservation in the national marine fisheries policy o Post WW2, transfer of war tech to fishing (bigger boats, sonar etc) o After collapse of cod intake, limits were enforced on fishing (1977-1984)  Seemed to be on track to pre-60s abundance, but was unsuccessful o Response to cod industry decline:  1993/4: moratorium on Atlantic cod fishing  40-50000 jobs lost  1997: limited test to bring back cod fishery  2003: nfld/Labrador pop of cod listed as endangered o Inherent char/mgmt of cod:  Conflict btwn fishers, fishers/gov’t, Canada and other nations. Not all interested parties acknowledged.  Uncertainty: why higher natural deaths, didn’t know basic info  Change: survival much lower btwn ’77-’84 than in 60s and 70s  Complexity: unclear why fluxes; switch to new resource; oil  Best practices: o Vision: what is wanted? o Legitimacy: legislative basis o Partnerships:
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