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 Midterm: oct 18.  Top-down vs. Bottom-up o Top-down: gov’t or other centralized authority make a decision, impose in others o Bottom-up: locals, those using/relying on resource, and other stakeholders make decisions  Stakeholder: person/group affected by or with an interest in a given decision or with legal responsibility and authority related to a decision o Degree of involvement, forms of participation  Non-participation  Therapy and manipulation  Token participation  Placation and consultation  Citizen power  Citizen control and partnerships o Timing of participation  What should be done?  Normative level of planning  What can be done?  Strategic level of planning  What will be done?  Operational level of planning o Participatory stakeholder inclusion  Potential benefits:  Access info abt local understandings/values  Define problem more effectively  i.d. socially acceptable solution  creates sense of ownership of plan  potential negatives:  power imbalance  often increases time and costs  lack of capacity  professional managers lose control  difficulties of including the public o participation in Canada:  components required  adequate notice  access to info  participant assistance  reasonable opportunities for comment  public hearings (when warranted)  ongoing concerns:  lack of shared decision making  lack of involvement at normative and strateci levels  communication issues  insufficient resources  accelerated process  lack of follow-up  case study: mgmt in Dzanga-Sangha region (Africa) o lots of biodiversity o tropical forest o impacts: logging, agric. clearing, hunting o WWF created mgmt plan in 90s o Stakeholders: govt, wildlife conservatory society, GTZ (German dev. agency) o Logging company in Bayanga didn’t participate o WWF: recruit, train new wildlife guards, tourist guides and trackers o Development of anti-poaching strategy covering the project area o Regular tri-national patrols conducted and implementation o Mgmt in the Congo basin: decision making process with participation by: govt, NGOs, outside resear
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